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Shoot us a message!

If you have any questions regarding any aspect of the race, please don’t hesitate to shoot us a message. We take pride in providing exceptional personal service. It is one of our goals to give our racers an exceptional experience at March Triathlon Series and we welcome your input.

**Please check out our FAQ**

For any questions, please email the appropriate person:

General Questions: Jake Pickett – racedirector@marchtriathlonseries.com

Registration: Kayja Mann – registration@marchtriathlonseries.com

Swim Course & Medical Coordinator: Jamie Nelson – swim-medical@marchtriathlonseries.com

Bike & Run Course: Sean Foster – bike-run-traffic@marchtriathlonseries.com

Sponsorship & Expo: Brendan Abrams – sponsorship@marchtriathlonseries.com

Public Relations & Marketing: Olivia Lewis- publicrelations@marchtriathlonseries.com

Parking & Transition: Riley Paul – parking-transition@marchtriathlonseries.com

Volunteer Coordinator: Riley Paul – volunteer@marchtriathlonseries.com